Four heads

Four Heads is an all-inclusive online channel, providing a platform for underground artists and labels to showcase their material. They feature internet 'Premiere's', mix tapes, unsigned tracks and free downloads every week through their various media channels and web page.

This graphic identity was designed to cover a depth of assets and with the ambition to be iconic and memorable. Four heads needed a diverse logo that could be incorporated into their artwork across print and digital.

The logo has been designed with three formats, a typographic logo, an icon logo and a plain text logo. Each has soft contours and a playful composition reflecting the platforms casual and approachable attitude. The logo was designed to reflect a stamp like logo, that was easy to apply across all of the platforms assets.

The covers explore a more playful graphic world that introduces colours and shapes. The covers feature experimental typography that allows the covers to be striking. Each cover has been individually designed with a similar concept that can be seen developing across the covers.