Fun Gaau

Fun Gaau is the Cantonese pronunciation of the phrase 'and sleep."

Fun Gaau is a contemporary night and loungewear brand that is reinventing uncompromising luxury. Working only with the material silk and a design concept that is a hybrid of the traditional french pyjama crossed with a Norwegian aesthetic, the Fun Gaau collection challenges current nightwear design norms.

The logo design had to incorporate the brand's charm whilst keeping a sense of luxury. The founders were interested in the brand having a super luxe but approachable aesthetic.

Design began with the strategic concept and theme of the phrase "shut eye" a phrase usually associated with sleep and rest, even in China. The logotype was designed through the development of the icon of two closed eyes, the curved shapes have been incorporated into the bridges of the letter A's, creating a bespoke typeface for the brand. The theme of shut eye, continues, in a variation of unique icons that were developed to bring the brand's packaging to life.

The final outcome is a brand identity full of custom- made type, playful packaging and rare type layouts that create a memorable brand world.