You People

You People is a detachable denim jacket brand based in London, the unique quality of the brand is that each denim jacket has been personalised by a well-known illustrator, artists or stylist. The jackets illustrated designs can portray anything from moments in history to social issues. The jackets provide a blank canvas for you or the invited stylist to create something meaningful or different.

The aesthetic strategy of Fresh, Clean and Mean has been referenced throughout the identity, the second reference the branding holds is that is has been designed to have a symbolic representation of three, subliminally referring to the three design categories for the jackets; The Original, Pattern and Statement. The last reference that was built within the aesthetic was that of the detachable elements the jackets offer, which can be seen in the half-formed characters in the logotype.

The final concept for the branding was "You're the final piece". The notion of an unfinished logotype in combination with an unfinished icon reflected the belief that we wear our clothes to certain events, or we use them to create certain outfits, thus we build memories in these clothes. With the identity replicating something that is unfinished there is the hope of a subliminal message that is passed onto the consumer. That message would be for them to visualise the completion of the logo through their own independent styling of the jacket making the jacket part of their identity and representing the brand in a unique way.

The final outcome was the creation of a collaborative and interactive logo with a bespoke typeface to further enhance the look and feel of the project that will be unique to every individual who purchases a You People jacket.

You People jackets are going to be sold in Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty of London.